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Instructions for Video Call

You can communicate via video call with us via the free Google Duo service.

Google Duo is a free video/audio call service that allows high quality video calls on a simple interface for smartphones (iPhone, Android), tablets, PC computers and Macs.

Once the app/software is installed, you only require:

  • For smart phones: enter your cell phone number
  • For web interface (PC desktop and Mac): a Gmail account

Google SignUp

Instructions for Google Duo on iPhone, Android Smartphones and Tablets:

  1.  Create a Gmail account if you don’t have it:
  2. Download the app for your device: For iPhone , For Android:
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Click Get verification code.
  5. Duo will send a code in a one-time SMS message to the number that you entered. (Carrier text-message rates may apply.)
  6. Enter the code that you received in the text message.

If you don't receive a text message, click Resend. 

If you still don’t receive a text message, click  the back arrow to make sure you entered your phone number correctly.

  1. Dial our office phone number: (212) 203-7745
  2. Click in Video Call icon to make the call. 

Google Duo Instructions for PC and Mac

  1. In your web browser of choice, type in the address
  2. Login with a Gmail account 
  3. Click in the Search Contacts or Dial search bar at the bottom
  4. Dial (type) our office phone number: (212) 203-7745
  5. Then click on either Video Call to make call
  6. You are all set!

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