As the neck begins to sag with age, it can cause men to look much older than they really are. The neck is often one of the first areas to begin to show signs of age, which can lower confidence and detract from your satisfaction with your appearance. Men can greatly benefit from a minimally-invasive procedure to tighten and lift the neck: the suture suspension neck lift.

What is a suture suspension neck lift?

Also called a mini neck lift, a suture suspension neck lift is a minimally invasive procedure that creates a significant change in the neck contour.

During this procedure, any excess fat is removed, and two sutures are used under the skin to create a sort of sling from the neck to the area behind the ears that lifts the tissues and contours the features. The effect is a far more youthful, lifted neck and a defined, attractive jawline.

Benefits of the suture suspension neck lift

The suture suspension neck lift provides a number of benefits for men who would like to achieve a more youthful, defined neck contour:

  • Short recovery period
  • Minimally invasive neck lift results
  • A lower-risk surgical procedure with a lower chance of side effects
  • Results last for years
  • A more youthful appearance–a lifted, contoured, defined neck and jawline
    Minimal scarring 
  • Tighter skin and stronger underlying muscles
  • Reduced double chin, “turkey neck,” and neck banding
  • A better fit in collared shirts
  • More self-confidence
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Procedure details of the suture suspension neck lift

The neck suture suspension procedure typically takes 1-2 hours. As it is a minimally-invasive procedure, not a major surgery, it is done with local anesthesia. 

Dr. Mesa will begin by making small incisions under your chin. He will use a small cannula and surgical vacuum to extract and remove extra fat under the skin of the chin, jaw, and neck. Dr. Mesa will then make small incisions behind each ear. He will run a suture through a tunnel under the skin of the neck up to the incisions behind the ear, and secure the sutures there.

The sutures lift the platysmal bands of the neck to create a firm contour and tighten the skin dramatically. After Dr. Mesa creates the proper amount of lift with the suture “sling,” he will close the small incisions with absorbable sutures.

Who is a candidate for the suture suspension neck lift procedure?

The suture suspension neck lift procedure is for men with mild to moderate neck sagging. Men who would like to avoid the more invasive neck lift or facelift but would like to achieve a firmer, tighter neck and defined jawline may be ideal candidates. Candidates for this procedure meet the following requirements:

  • Are in good health generally without serious medical conditions
  • Do not smoke
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the procedure
  • Neck aging, fat deposits and loose skin are not severe 
  • Have a double chin and/or a lack of a defined jawline 
  • Have vertical neck bands (platysma bands) or sagging neck skin 

Results and recovery

When your surgery is complete, a pressure dressing will be applied that will be wrapped around your head and under the chin. This will be removed after 2-3 days, but you will need to wear a chinstrap to bed for 2-4 weeks. Sleep with your head elevated for several days, and expect swelling, tightness and soreness during this time. 

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Most patients are able to return to sedentary work and light activity in about five days. You may return to strenuous exercise after 3-4 weeks. Your results will be more apparent around this time, showing a lifted, more youthful neck contour and more defined jawline. Results last for years, in some cases up to ten, depending on your lifestyle, skincare regimen and natural rate of aging.

Why choose Dr. Mesa for my suture suspension neck lift?

As a Harvard-trained, triple fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. John Mesa specializes in face and neck surgery for men. He is a trusted doctor whose expert, custom, surgical techniques, and stunning results have made his reputation as a top plastic surgeon. He is also known for his standard of compassion and patient care. It is his honor to help patients feel their best, regain their youthful appearance, and achieve fresh confidence.

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