You have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Mesa in a private virtual consultation. If you live at a distance, in another state or country, or have a hectic schedule, a virtual consultation could be the most practical and efficient way to get the answers you need. A virtual consultation allows you to meet Dr. Mesa, discuss the aesthetic issues that you hope to resolve, and get honest answers without the need to visit our New York, New Jersey, or Miami facilities.

How does a virtual consultation work?

To schedule a private consultation with Dr. Mesa, you can call or email our office and request a time that is convenient for you. During your virtual consultation, you will have the ability to discuss all of your questions and concerns privately. Your virtual consultation will differ only in that you are not physically present. You can expect the same time, respect, and dedication that you would receive if you visited one of our offices in NYC, New Jersey, or Miami.

During your virtual consultation, Dr. Mesa will perform an initial evaluation and discuss your options. It will allow you to learn more about Dr. Mesa, his practice, and help you understand whether you are a good candidate for a procedure in which you have an interest. Once you are confident that undergoing treatment is right for you, we can move forward with scheduling your next steps.

Virtual consultations for NYC plastic surgery

It is always best to see a patient in person, but this is not always possible or practical — particularly if you live in another city, state, or country. Once your consultation is scheduled, set your screen up in a private area so you won’t be interrupted and so you can discuss private medical matters openly. Your virtual consultation will be essentially the same as an in-person consultation. We will discuss various topics including your medical history, the surgical procedure, recovery details, and what to expect with results. 

If you’re interested in a virtual consultation, we make it easy for you. Simply call our NYC, New Jersey, or Miami office and request a consultation, and one of our friendly staff members will help you arrange it.

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