If you’re considering cosmetic surgery for your face or neck, choosing the right plastic surgeon is of critical importance. Dr. Mesa is a Harvard-trained cosmetic plastic surgeon who has achieved a stellar reputation for his outstanding work in face and neck rejuvenation. He performs a wide range of face and neck procedures at his private clinics in NYC, New Jersey, and Miami.

Facial plastic surgery

  • Buccal fat pad removal: Also known as “chubby cheek reduction surgery,” this procedure creates a more refined look to a rounder facial structure for a subtle yet significant improvement in facial appearance.
  • Cheek augmentation: Enhancing cheek structure can be achieved with dermal fillers or cheek implants. The result creates a more elegant, structured facial profile.
  • Chin augmentation: A chin that is receding, small, or weak creates a facial imbalance. Chin augmentation helps create harmony and balance in your facial appearance.
  • Endoscopic brow lift (forehead lift): If you have developed deep brow creases or have a heavy overhanging brow, an endoscopic brow lift involves smaller incisions and faster recovery time.
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty): Saggy, drooping eyelids are a common symptom of aging skin. Our custom eyelid lift surgery creates a refreshed, younger look that appears entirely natural.
  • Facelift under local anesthesia: Dr. Mesa has advanced the art of facial plastic surgery with a facelift procedure that does not require general anesthesia nor twilight anesthesia (IV sedation), and leaves you looking vibrant and youthful.
  • Facial implants: Chin, cheek, or jaw implants can create more sculpted definition to your appearance.
  • Facelift: All facelifts performed by Dr. Mesa are 100% customized and may involve a mini facelift, full facelift, lower facelift, or non-surgical facelift based on your specific skin and tissue condition.
  • Fat transfer to the face: Fat transfer techniques can restore lost volume with your own natural fat for cheeks, temples, or lips, or other areas that appear hollow or sunken.
  • Liquid facelift: A customized, precise injection of various facial fillers and neuromodulators can create a subtle lifting effect for the face, without surgery.
  • Liquid rhinoplasty: Your nose is a defining facial feature. In many cases, aesthetic concerns regarding the nose can be significantly improved with simple dermal filler injections.
  • Minimally invasive mid-face suspension (MIMS): This groundbreaking approach to facial rejuvenation achieves a dramatically improved look, with shorter healing time.
  • Ear surgery: Overly large, protruding, or oddly shaped ears can be corrected with a custom otoplasty so that the ears appear natural and frame your face beautifully.


  • Neck lift: A sagging, aging neck can be restored to a youthful, more defined look with a custom neck lift. The procedure may involve removing excess fat, skin, and tissue to achieve a more attractive neck profile.
  • Neck lift under local anesthesia: A groundbreaking advance in cosmetic surgery techniques, a neck lift performed under local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia (IV sedation) and has a faster healing time, along with exceptionally beautiful results. 
  • Chin and neck liposuction: Fatty deposits beneath the chin and on the neck can be resolved with a custom chin and neck liposuction treatment.
  • Vertical neck band correction (platysma bands): Many people develop pronounced vertical neck bands with age. Smoothing these bands can have a dramatic impact on your overall appearance, and can be achieved with a custom surgery.

Why choose Dr. Mesa for facial plastic surgery?

Dr. Mesa is among the most trusted, dedicated, and talented plastic surgeons practicing in NYC. His approach is to achieve an outcome that appears entirely natural, and he has hundreds of excellent reviews from his patients. Dr. Mesa, along with his hand-selected staff, focuses on building a strong bond with every patient, and he and his team are dedicated to delivering results that make you look your very best in a youthful, natural way.

Dr. Mesa

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