What is facial masculinization?

Facial masculinization is a set of non-surgical, customized treatments to create a facial structure with a more masculine appearance. Facial masculinization in NYC & Miami  involves injectable treatments with dermal fillers to create a look that is visibly male in appearance. Injections can change the look of the chin, nose, jaw, mouth, and other facial features.

Am I a good candidate for facial masculinization?

Some men feel that their face is less masculine than what they would prefer, and some transgender men would like to have more masculine facial features without undergoing surgery. You may be a candidate for non-surgical facial masculinization in NYC with fillers if you want a minimally invasive treatment to create a more masculine facial appearance.

Facial Masculinization Before & After

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What can I expect with facial masculinization?

After a consultation and examination, Dr. Mesa can personalize a facial masculinization treatment plan for you. Depending on your facial anatomy and the issues you want to address, your treatment plan may include any of a combination of injectable filler treatments to masculinize the jaw, lips, chin, or nose with the overall goal of creating a more masculine facial appearance. Dermal filler injections are performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. Many facial fillers contain lidocaine to make injections more comfortable. Learn more about how facial masculinization in NYC & Miami might be right for you. 

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Is there any downtime after a facial masculinization procedure?

Facial filler injections typically require no downtime. You can expect to resume your usual activities immediately after treatment. You may experience minor swelling and tenderness at the injection sites which should subside within a few days.

Dr. Mesa for facial masculinization in NYC, NJ, or Miami

Dr. Mesa is well-known for exceeding patient expectations in the quality of results. He has more than 300 positive reviews and a five-star rating on RealSelf.com. He is a Harvard-educated, board-certified plastic surgeon who is dedicated to providing client-centered service, and he is honored to have a role in a patient’s journey in facial masculinization in Miami, NYC & NJ. 

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Facial Masculinization FAQ's:

How can dermal fillers make the jaw appear more masculine?

The jaw can be enhanced to appear more masculine by increasing the appearance of the angles. Dr. Mesa can re-contour the jaw area with dermal filler injections to improve the definition and increase projection. The filler may be injected along the jawline, and/or at the front, sides, or the angle of the jawline near the ears.

How can fillers masculinize the chin?

Injectable fillers can be used to increase the projection of the chin for a more masculine appearance. When injected on either side of the chin structure, it can help create broader, more masculine chin contours.

Can non-surgical re-shaping make my nose look more masculine?

Nose contouring with dermal fillers can decrease the appearance of a hump and improve contours to create a more appealing side profile. They can also be used to achieve more projection of the nose, which is a very common male trait.

What are the benefits of non-surgical facial masculinization?

  • Minimally invasive treatment with little to no recovery or downtime
  • Quick procedures that can be performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia
  • Results can be adjusted by adding more filler when needed
  • Facial fillers can masculinize the face, with immediate results

When can I see the results of facial masculinization with fillers?

The results of facial masculinization with fillers are instantaneous, occurring right after Dr. Mesa completes the filler injection procedure. This means you can expect to see a noticeable difference in your facial features immediately following the treatment. Dr. Mesa's expert technique and precision ensure that you achieve the desired masculinization effect with a professional touch.

Can buccal fat removal enhance the results of facial masculinization with fillers?

Yes, buccal fat removal, when performed by Dr. Mesa, can indeed aid in achieving facial masculinization. This procedure effectively reduces chubby cheeks, contributing to a less rounded facial appearance and helping to attain a more masculine aesthetic. For optimal results, it can be performed concurrently or in close succession to facial masculinization with fillers. 

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