If you’re genetically prone to having a round facial structure and “chubby cheeks,” you’re probably familiar with the feeling of frustration when you want to achieve a sculpted, elegant look. Unfortunately, for those who aren’t happy with the round-faced look, no amount of diet and exercise can change this particular facial shape.

Dr. John Mesa provides buccal fat removal in New Jersey. This short surgical procedure achieves cheek fat pad removal by addressing the extra fat pads within the cheeks, achieving the more refined, sculpted appearance you’ve been wanting without visible scars

What are the benefits of buccal fat removal?

Cheek fat pad removal surgery is a very popular procedure because it achieves beautiful effects with minimal trauma and short downtime. While buccal fat pad removal surgery is relatively simple, it produces a dramatic change to achieve your aesthetic goals. The benefits of undergoing buccal fat removal in NJ include the following:

  • Short, simple surgery
  • No general anesthesia required
  • A slimmer, more sculpted facial structure
  • No visible scars (as the incisions are made within the cheeks)
  • Improved confidence 
  • Safe, low-risk procedure

      What is buccal fat removal?

      Buccal fat pad removal is a surgery that addresses the fat pads that surround the muscles used for talking and chewing. The fat pad, located within the cheeks, can be larger for certain individuals. In some cases, it is so large that it causes the face to look rounder and somewhat childlike.

      During buccal fat removal in New Jersey, the excess fat causing this effect is removed, revealing your cheekbones and achieving a more V-shaped, slimmer facial shape. This surgery can improve the quality of life for patients who have spent years being called “baby face” or “chipmunk cheeks” or feeling personally self-conscious about their round facial shape.

      Buccal Fat Removal For Women in NJ Before & After

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      Am I A Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal in New Jersey

      If you feel unhappy about round, “chubby cheeks” and would like to achieve a more chiseled, v-shaped facial shape, you are likely a good candidate for buccal fat removal in NJ with Dr. Mesa. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

      • Are generally in good health
      • Do not smoke
      • Are at or near their ideal weight
      • Face has fully matured and developed
      • Have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with buccal fat removal surgery
      • Have a “chubby,” childlike, or plump face that remains after weight loss

      Buccal Fat Removal For Men in NJ Before & After

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      Buccal Fat Removal NJ Patient Testimonial 

      An image of a patient during a consultation in a procedure chair

      What happens during the buccal fat removal procedure?

      Buccal fat removal in New Jersey is a short outpatient procedure that you can drive yourself to and from. It is typically performed with only local anesthesia, with no intravenous sedation or general anesthesia required. 

      After the local anesthesia takes effect, ensuring you’re comfortable during the procedure, Dr. Mesa will carefully make incisions within your mouth in the inner cheek. The fat pad is removed through these incisions. This surgery takes only about 30 minutes and causes minimal trauma. 

      Once the fat pads are successfully removed, Dr. Mesa will close the incisions precisely with dissolvable sutures. Once the surgical procedure is complete, you will be able to return home and drive yourself if you wish. 

      Cases of Buccal Fat Removal in NJ

      a video still of Dr. Mesa talking about buccal fat removal procedure

      Why choose Dr. Mesa for buccal fat removal in NJ?

      Dr. Mesa is a trusted surgeon who only recommends a procedure if it is right for his patient. He is known for his personal touch, integrity, dedication to achieving beautiful, natural-looking results, and his strong bond with his patients. Dr. Mesa is Harvard-trained, and his experienced, precise, meticulous approach ensures outstanding results. 

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      What is the recovery time after buccal fat removal in New Jersey?

      Expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort after your buccal fat removal procedure. These effects are easily treated with pain medication and cool packs. Expect about two or three days of downtime as you heal. As you heal, you’ll need to follow a liquid diet. After several days, you can move to soft foods.

      We will provide a mouth rinse to keep the area clean. After 2-4 weeks, the residual swelling will disappear. Patients are usually feeling well enough and are confident that they look well enough to return to sedentary work or their other usual light activities and routines after about one week. 

      Meet with Dr. Mesa in NJ

      If you’re considering cheek fat removal in New Jersey, we invite you to meet with Dr. Mesa. Dr. Mesa will have a personal consultation with you to examine your face and skin and evaluate the size of your buccal fat pad. He will determine if buccal fat removal is the right choice for you. During your consultation, he will discuss your options and understand your goals, whether you would like a more extensive approach to facial re-sculpting with added enhancements such as dermal fillers or facial implants for the cheeks, chin, or jawline, or if you would like a more subtle approach. 

      Buccal Fat Removal FAQ 

      Is buccal fat removal permanent?

      The fat removal is considered permanent because the fat is physically removed, and it will not grow back. The results from your buccal fat pad removal surgery will not change with weight fluctuations or other factors. You will be able to enjoy the aesthetic appearance of your chiseled features for the long term.

      What is the cost of buccal fat removal?

      Every patient’s facial anatomy, aesthetic goals, and general needs are unique. This is why Dr. Mesa’s surgical plan for each patient is completely customized. The exact cost of cheek fat removal with Dr. Mesa varies from patient to patient and is determined after a detailed, personal consultation. For most patients, buccal fat removal with Dr. Mesa is a few thousand dollars. Dr. Mesa provides a range of financing options to make his services as available as possible to patients of all means.

      Can I eat after buccal fat reduction?

      Before you start eating normally, you will need to follow a liquid diet for several days after cheek fat removal surgery. From there, you will be able to progress to soft foods. As you heal, you will be able to slowly progress back to your usual diet and enjoy your favorite foods again.

      At what age can I get buccal fat removal?

      Buccal fat removal surgery can safely be performed at almost any age. However, it is important to wait until the fat pad has fully developed. In some cases, the fat pad will reduce on its own once the face has fully matured and the facial lines are settled. If the fat pads are removed before the growth of the fat pads has completed or the natural loss of facial fat has leveled out, this surgery can cause a gaunt or hollow appearance as you age. We recommend that you wait until you are at least 20 years old.

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