The chin is one of the basic facial structures that create beauty, balance, and harmony. A weak, small, or receding chin affects your overall facial balance and attractiveness. If you inherited a small, weak, uneven, or receding chin, it’s natural to feel far less confident about your appearance. Fortunately, this problem can be resolved with a custom chin implant in NYC by Dr. Mesa.

What is a chin implant?

Chin implants are available in a vast range of sizes and levels of projection. The ideal chin implant will create a more attractive balance between your facial features and will look entirely natural.

When under the care of Dr. Mesa, your implant can be customized for the perfect fit for your jawline and facial structure. The implants placed are constructed of a specialized medical material that is exceptionally safe, with biocompatible materials and no reports of causing allergic reactions.

What can a chin implant do for my look?

If you have any of the following, you may be a good candidate for a chin implant:

  • Receding chin
  • Recessed chin
  • Chin that slopes to the neck structure
  • Lack of definition at the jawline
  • Small chin
  • Uneven chin structure

What is the surgery like?

Under the care of Dr. Mesa, placing a chin implant is always a customized procedure, and the implant chosen will reflect your unique facial structure. Dr. Mesa’s chin augmentation in NYC is performed on an outpatient basis, typically with only local anesthesia. A small incision is placed beneath your chin. Space is created (a surgical pocket) into which the custom implant is fitted, and the implant is then placed securely around the chin structure and held in place with small titanium screws. The implant material mimics the feel of natural chin tissues. Once the implant is placed, the incision is closed with delicate stitches. The scar under the chin is typically invisible to others.

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What is the recovery after getting a chin implant?

After your chin augmentation surgery in NYC, your chin will be protected with a dressing which is left in place until it is removed during a follow-up appointment. You can expect some minor discomfort, but will have prescription pain medication to keep you comfortable in the early stages of healing. You can resume your regular diet right after surgery. You can expect the area to feel tight for a few days, but this will quickly subside — generally within a week. You should avoid all vigorous physical activity during recovery, and you may return to your usual routine in about ten days to two weeks. Expect a few weeks of minor swelling before the full results of your enhanced facial structure is fully revealed, although your look will be much more balanced before that time.

Why choose Dr. Mesa for a chin implant in NYC?

Dr. Mesa has a reputation for excellence in facial plastic surgery, including custom chin implants. His approach is different from many plastic surgeons, as he places the chin implants under local anesthesia without any pain. He will also never advise you to undergo a procedure you don’t need. He has a high level of integrity and honesty, and works to create a strong bond with his patients. He believes in the value of communication to achieve results that enhance your appearance and your overall quality of life. Dr. Mesa and his hand-selected staff who work in his NYC, New Jersey, and Miami offices are exceptionally caring and dedicated to superior patient experiences. He has hundreds of excellent reviews, and is arguably one of the most talented facial plastic surgeons practicing in these areas.

Dr. Mesa

Chin implants for women

For women, a smaller chin makes the nose look bigger. When the jawline is defined and the chin beautifully balanced, it creates an aesthetic profile that is universally recognized as a factor in facial beauty.

Chin implants for men

A man with a weak or recessed chin has a less attractive and strong facial appearance. Restructuring the chin or adding volume to the jawline can dramatically change your overall look and create a masculine look of strength and vitality.

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