A round facial structure is charming in a child — but as an adult, this feature is less attractive. A “baby face” or “chipmunk cheeks” can be altered with a custom cheek reduction surgery to create a more sculpted, refined look to the lower face. The technique employed for facial contouring fat may include the surgical removal of the buccal fat pad.

What causes puffy cheeks?

The buccal fat pad is located where the hollows of the cheeks should be. When this fat pad is too large, no matter how dedicated you are to diet and exercise, your face will continue to appear rounded. Removing the fat pad allows the bone structure of your face to be revealed, creating a more sculpted, refined look, and slimming the lower section of your face.

What is cheek reduction?

An excess of cheek fat impacts your entire facial profile, affecting the jawline, and deeper, more visible smile lines. Cheek reduction surgery slims the lower facial area by removing the buccal fat. The procedure is performed through incisions inside your mouth and leaves no visible scars.

What can cheek reduction do for my facial appearance?

If you have round, full, or heavy cheeks, this procedure can dramatically improve your facial contour. The benefits of undergoing cheek reduction surgery include:

  • Safe, in-office procedure
  • Requires only local anesthesia 
  • Refines your facial structure
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • No visible scarring
  • Increased confidence

Who is a candidate for cheek reduction surgery?

To be a safe candidate for this procedure, you should be a non-smoker in good overall health; close to your ideal weight, and have realistic expectations regarding what the procedure will achieve. Every person has a unique facial structure. If you’re hoping to achieve a refined, structured look, depending on your bone structure you may require the addition of dermal fillers or cheek implants. The first step is an evaluation of your facial structure by Dr. John Mesa.

What is the procedure like to experience?

After you make the decision to undergo cheek reduction, our team will schedule your surgery for the soonest convenient date. In the days before your procedure, ensure you follow Dr. Mesa’s instructions regarding avoiding blood-thinning medications or supplements, and avoiding alcoholic beverages. A local anesthetic will be administered to numb your cheeks. The procedure will not be painful for you. A short incision is placed within each mid-cheek through which the buccal fat pad can be popped out with the application of slight pressure. The incisions are then closed with dissolvable sutures. After your procedure, you are free to return home.

How long is the recovery?

Recovery from cheek reduction is typically easy. Every person heals at a slightly different rate, and while some may feel well enough to return to work within a day or two, others may need slightly longer.

The incisions generally heal within about one week. During the recovery,  you will be able to eat a regular diet except during the first 24 hours for surgery.

Why choose Dr. Mesa for cheek reduction?

Dr. Mesa’s patients trust him to achieve exceptional results, and know that he only recommends procedures that will deliver the result you envision — nothing more. His hundreds of excellent online reviews and ratings reflect the quality of his work in cheek reduction surgery. He is caring, warm, and he and his staff provide patient-centered service, building a strong bond with each individual he treats. He is passionate about helping his patients look their very best, with results that appear attractive and natural. As a Harvard-educated surgeon, Dr. Mesa is exceptionally talented and dedicated to superior results, with offices in NYC, New Jersey, and Miami.

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