EMSCULPT is a revolutionary, FDA-approved, high-intensity electromagnetic body sculpting system. It is the first device designed to sculpt the body by building muscle. The procedure triggers the development of new muscle fibers and enhances the strength and volume of existing muscle tissues.

Firm, lift, sculpt, and tighten with EMSCULPT

The EMSCULPT system is approved to sculpt several body areas:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Thighs

Who is a good candidate for EMSCULPT?

If you would like to build muscle and tone and sculpt your body, you may be a candidate for EMSCULPT. This treatment can benefit adults of all ages. It provides a non-surgical alternative to the Brazilian butt lift, lifting and adding volume to the buttocks.

What can I expect with an EMSCULPT treatment?

The EMSCULPT procedure is entirely non-invasive. You will need a minimum of four treatment sessions scheduled two to three days apart. Each treatment takes 30 minutes. You will be lying down and relaxing during treatment, while the device gives the treatment area an intensive workout.

Is there any downtime after EMSCULPT?

There’s no downtime with EMSCULPT, and no pre- or post-treatment preparation. You will begin to feel a difference immediately after your first session. Results usually appear within two to four weeks after the last treatment session, and continue to improve for several weeks.

Dr. Mesa for EMSCULPTin NYC, NJ, or Miami

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Is EMPSCULPT treatment painful?

No. The treatment is non-invasive and feels like an intensive workout.

How does EMSCULPT work?

The EMSCULPT device delivers a custom-developed level of high intensity, focused electromagnetic energy. It creates thousands of powerful muscle contractions, at a rate impossible to achieve with exercise. This speed of the contractions forces the muscle to adapt to extreme conditions. The muscles respond with a deep remodeling of its inner structure, which results in body sculpting and muscle building.

Are there different types of EMSCULPT devices?

Devices for EMSCULPT treatment include a large applicator for treating larger areas; a small applicator for toning the arms and calves, and a chair applicator to firm, tone, and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and abdomen to improve strength, balance, and posture.

How much can EMSCULPT increase muscle mass?

As reported by the manufacturer, the average increase in muscle mass with EMSCULPT treatments is 16%. The average patient satisfaction is 98%.

Can I have EMSCULPT treatments instead of exercising?

The EMSCULPT cutting-edge electromagnetic technology is not intended to be a substitute for exercise or a healthy lifestyle. In addition to your workouts and a healthy diet, EMSCULPT treatments can help you strengthen, tone, and contour specific areas of the body.

What are the benefits of EMSCULPT in NYC, NJ, and Miami?

This treatment simultaneously reduces fat while building muscle fibers, for flatter, firmer abs, a rounder butt, and better muscle definition. EMSCULPT is a quick, non-invasive treatment with no downtime and no recovery. It produces significant results that continue to improve over time.

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