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Neck Lift for Men New York City and New Jersey

The primary concern of many male patients is the appearance of aging in their necks (“turkey neck”). This is especially true in males. Loose skin, sagging muscles and fat deposits in the neck may be present even when the remainder of the face and jawline shows less signs of aging

Our male patients from around the globe, across the nation, and right here in New Jersey and New York City have found that Neck Lift for MEN surgery can provide dramatic results, especially when combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures.

There are several ways (surgical techniques) to correct the neck. Additionally, this procedure may be done independently or in conjunction with a Face Lift for MEN. Dr. John Mesa, A New Jersey and New York City Board Certified Cosmetic Latin Plastic Surgeon examines carefully each patient and determines the best technique to give the correction the patient desires, according to his or her anatomy.

How can a Neck Lift for MEN improve my neck?
Neck Lift for MEN with Dr. John Mesa, MD, Board Certified Cosmetic Latin Plastic Surgeon In New Jersey and New York City corrects the signs of aging on the neck (“Turkey Neck”) and the jaw line by tightening your loose neck muscle and removing excess fat and skin from your neck, making you look thinner and more youthful. Sometimes he may accompany the procedure with Face Lift surgery for MEN for a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. The benefits of Neck Lift for MEN surgery include:

  • Removing loose, sagging skin from under the chin
  • Correcting visible vertical bands on the neck (loose neck muscle, or platysma bands)
  • Eliminating areas of fat from under the chin (double chin) and on the neck
  • Restoring a smooth, youthful-looking neck

Who is a candidate for Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City?
You are a candidate for a Neck Lift if you have:

  • Loose, baggy skin neck skin due to age, weight loss, or heredity
  • Lack of pleasing neck definition
  • Visible or loose neck muscle bands
  • Excess fat deposits in your neck

Although a successful Neck Lift for MEN can temporarily set back the clock, no cosmetic procedure can permanently prevent the effects of aging.

In combination with your Neck Lift for MEN, you may select other procedures to achieve the results you desire, e.g., Face Lift, a Endoscopic Brow Lift or Forehead Lift, Eyelid Lift surgery (blepharoplasty), fat injections ( autologous fat transfer) , Chemical Peel for MEN (TCA Chemical peel), dermabrasion, etc.

How is a Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City performed?

Dr. John Mesa, MD will perform your Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey with a complete medical examination in advance of planning surgery. Your neck will be evaluated based to determine the degree of looseness of neck muscle (“Turkey Neck”), excess of neck fat accumulation and relative excess of skin. Also the definition of the jaw line, angle of the mandible and chin will be evaluated.

Generally, Dr. John Mesa, MD performs your Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City with a discreet, well-hidden incision behind the ears and or below the chin. The incisions are designed to allow you to show off your beautiful results without being worried about or having to hide your scar. Through this incision, he restores a more youthful contour the muscles of your neck and the shape of the overlying neck skin. Dr. Mesa may perform Liposuction for MEN of the neck if there is any excess fatty tissue in the neck or jowls. After shaping the underlying layers, we remove all excess skin and redrape the skin over your reshaped neck for a well-rested rejuvenated look.

Where is Neck Lift for MEN plastic surgery performed?
Dr. John Mesa, MD almost always performs your Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City as an outpatient surgical procedure. Although some of our male patients prefer to have general anesthesia, most male patients are comfortable under local anesthesia without general anesthesia or IV sedation. You will recover quickly after surgery and normally go home the same day. If you are having multiple procedures, you may need to stay overnight. You will need to have a close friend or family member drive you to and from the surgery center and care for you for the first 24-48 hours.

What other procedures may be performed along with a Neck Lift for MEN?

  • Liposuction for MEN is part of a Neck Lift and is used to reshape a more youthful jaw line and neck.
  • Face Lift for MEN: for patient that have significant jowls and not well defined jaw line, the addition of a Face Lift can really deliver the natural youthful appearance that the male patients seek at the level of the jaw line (junction of the face and neck).
  • Fat injection (autologous fat transfer) for MEN is a wonderful, minimally invasive way to restore shape and fullness to areas around the eyes, the cheeks, the temples, and lips.
  • Eyelid Lift surgery for MEN (blepharoplasty) is often performed to reduce heaviness and loose skin in the upper and or lower eyelids. Treatment of the lower eyelids will include filling out the deep creases to eliminate the tired look. This along with fat injection will brighten your eyes and energize your whole face.
  • Chemical peels for MEN may be done to smooth wrinkle lines in the lips, cheeks and forehead.

How long does Neck Lift for MEN operation take?
A Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City Board certified cosmetic Latin Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Mesa may take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. Dr. John Mesa will consult with you to fully outline any pre-surgical requirements, what procedures we will be performing and what you can expect afterward.

Can a Neck Lift for MEN be performed under local anesthesia In New Jersey and New York City?
Neck Lift for MEN can be safely performed under local anesthesia without having to go to sleep (general anesthesia), twilight sedation (IV sedation) or heavy oral sedation with Dr. John Mesa, Board Certified Cosmetic Latin Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey and New York City.

What can I expect after a Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City?
Bruising and swelling are common after your Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City. Each patient is different, but for most, these side effects normally resolve within 2-3 weeks. We remove your bandages the next day after, and place you in a neck garment that should be wore for at least 7 days. Sutures are usually removed 5 or 7 days after surgery.

It is extremely important that your newly rejuvenated neck to be protected from sun damage after surgery. Avoid sun exposure, wear a broad-brimmed hat, and liberally apply SPF 50 or stronger sunscreen as instructed by Dr. Mesa.

How long is recovery a Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City?
Very likely, you’ll be able to return to work in about 2 to 4 weeks. You should wait 4 to 6 weeks or longer before participating in strenuous activity and exercise. You may need special makeup to camouflage any bruising for a short time. Final healing may take up to 3 months and will continue to improve over the next year. We will closely follow your progress to ensure a smooth recovery.

When will I see results a Neck Lift for MEN in New Jersey and New York City?
Within a week, you should see a significant improvement. Once the swelling and bruising are gone, you may have minor scars that are hidden by your hair. These too, will fade over time. Gradually, your new, younger face will emerge a few weeks after surgery. Most of our male patients enjoy the benefits of a Neck Lift for MEN for many years. Depending on your age, you may have more than one Neck Lift for MEN in your lifetime.

Why not go to a Primary Care Physician Dentists, Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Internists and “cosmetologists” for Neck Lift for MEN?

Practitioners like dentists and other doctors who are not formally residency-trained and Board Certified to perform Neck Lift for MEN have been found to suffer a much higher rate of complications, as it’s a side interest to them, and not a treatment they’re certified to do all day long. One of the most common complaints is minimal improvement, asymmetries, “operated look”, etc.

Only a licensed professional with the knowledge, training and skills required to achieve optimum results should perform Neck Lift for MEN. Look for a plastic surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who has completed his training at some of the top residency and fellowship institutions.

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