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How Botox Relaxes Contracted Facial Muscles?

Published on April 7, 2020 by

One of the most popular treatments for age-related problems is Botox. It is a treatment that uses an injection containing the Botulinum toxin. While in large doses, the toxin is dangerous, in small doses it can be very effective in treating wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is also used as a medical treatment for conditions like strabismus and blepharospasm. The use of Botox is approved by the FDA and it is a safe and effective procedure.

How it Works?

Botox works on the muscles causing them to relax. It is these muscles that lead to wrinkles, especially frown lines and crow’s feet. Facial muscles contract and tighten and as a result it causes folds on the skin that appear as wrinkles. The science behind the working of Botox is that it makes the contracted muscles relax. The relaxation of muscles allows the wrinkles to disappear.

When Botox is injected, it targets the nerves in the face. It is these nerves that are sending a signal to the facial muscles making them contract. Botox blocks the facial nerves and effectively causes the facial muscles to become paralyzed. This makes the muscles relax, which in turn causes the wrinkles to disappear.

This is also helpful to treat conditions like uncontrolled blinking, which happens because of problems with the nerves. It must be noted that the effects of Botox are not permanent. The effects would last for anywhere between three and five months. After this period, the nerves again start sending a signal to the muscles to contract. This can once again cause wrinkles. This is why Botox treatment would need to be repeated to ensure long-lasting effects.

Most people are satisfied with the results of the treatment thanks to its quick working. The effects of the injection can be seen within 48 hours of the treatment and would be complete within a week or so. Wrinkles around the mouth and the corners of the eye would virtually disappear after this treatment. It is a safe and highly effective procedure that is preferred by those who want to improve their appearance by getting rid of wrinkles.

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